sunshine secrets 

sunshine secrets by avery beer ~~~ perhaps the sun absorbs secrets of all   and that is why  it must retreat each day,  dispersing its contents  into the horizon.  the sun must rest, and take time before it can radiate again because the burden  of the world's worries, is much too heavy  to shine all the... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Little Me

Dear Avery, I am writing this letter to you now because there are some things that I know to be true now that I wish I knew when I was younger. I have grown so much. I have experienced and felt the world with my own heart and soul and felt the vibrations of the... Continue Reading →

Feb. 15

I don't know the right thing to say, but I also do not believe there is a right thing to say. I just don't know. So I am going to write out my feelings, to help me process and understand, and to make myself stop absorbing all of the news because it only exacerbates peoples'... Continue Reading →

Accepting Life’s Fragility 

I have really, truly, grown to realize that the cure to crippling anxiety is to accept the nature of the now: to realize that each moment, no matter how important or insignificant, how beautiful or painful, is fleeting. All we have is the moment we are in. That is the one thing that we can... Continue Reading →

The Problem

I'll tell you what the problem is here. You have probably been wondering what it is. You've been pondering about it in the back of your brain, without even knowing it. You probably never even acknowledged that it was a problem. But it is, so I'm going to tell you. We are all selfish.  Before... Continue Reading →


There are just some things  That have no explanation.  There are just some things  That fly off the handle,  Even when we clutch them close.  But our hands get tired, And our limbs tingle, Sensation evaporating   Numbness.   And then our minds go blank,  Breath snatched from our stomach,  Before we can even preserve... Continue Reading →

September 10th.

I'm sitting in the library on a Sunday, procrastinating homework and reflecting. It's a part of my end-of-weekend routine. I always just let myself wake up slowly on Sundays, pause, and ease into the hectic ways of the week ahead (after coffee, of course). But this week is different. This day is different. Today, September... Continue Reading →

Avery’s Brain: Episode 2 

Last night I was wide awake. It wasn't that I was anxious, or nervous, or sad, I was just the opposite. I came to a realization that I have really grown up. Do I still act like a weirdo and have moments of immaturity? Absolutely. I'm still in college after all... ( not that being... Continue Reading →

Avery’s Brain: Episode 1 

No matter how extroverted I am when I go out, or what type of mood I am in, I thoroughly enjoy my alone time to recharge: to be alone with myself and my thoughts. When I am alone, I do a lot of thinking, deep thinking. The only difference between myself and anyone else with... Continue Reading →

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