What are Feelings?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of feelings: what they are, how they manifest, and how we should listen (or not) to them. 

The thing about feelings is that they manifest in our bodies, not our brains. When we start really listening to how we feel and notice how our energy flows throughout our bodies, we can understand what our feelings are. It’s a form of self-awareness to really comprehend what these energy forms are because we have to tune into ourselves when we recognize that something is different. The way our bodies work is so magical because they tell us things before our brain even has the language to make sense of them. I personally believe this to be true because I have taught myself that feelings, when powerful enough, absolutely must be attended to, or they manifest in other ways that may cause us harm in the form of stress, illness, unhealthy coping mechanisms, or other emotions that mask them. Sometimes it takes a bit of time and truly tuning into ourselves and understand what our feelings even are. It takes looking at our lives really listening to our souls… something none of us are used to.

Feelings are those mostly indescribable clusters of energy that we sometimes cannot even put words to. That is why a baby cries before it can even speak, or why dogs are able to wag their tales and cats are able to purr. Everyone experiences feelings and emotions differently, and words are what give us the language to distinguish them and grasp what they mean. We have learned the words when we were little to describe how we are feeling. yet, if we think about it, the way we learned was all based on faces that we would LOOK at in order SEE what the emotion on the face was (again, the body is expressing it much before words are able to). 

The other thing about feelings is that, no matter how hard we try, we cannot create or destroy them. They are energy, forms of matter (at least what I believe). We cannot make up feelings in our minds. They are a physical reaction to our experiences, not something that we can replicate or manifest through “thought” or “brain power,” or destroy by “thinking it away.” Something a very special person told me is that our own feelings are factual to us. When I thought about this deeper, I realized that our feelings are our own forms of truth. they are not stupid or silly. They are not something that we can experience by making them up. They are real for us… so real that they can tell us things that we could never read online or learn from others.

Our feelings should be tuned into, trusted, and thought of as forms of guidance for living our lives: the compass to truly living. It is not always easy to listen to ourselves, in fact it is quite difficult. I certainly don’t have the answers, but this is something I’ve been really exploring through therapy and yoga and meditation. I thought that I’d put some words to it to try and help other people follow this same path. There is a reason that the saying “listen to your heart” exists. And I will leave you with this: 


“The very center of your heart is where life begins… the most beautiful place on earth.” – Rumi

(p.s. today is the 5 year anniversary of my blog!)

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