Our world loves to complicate: to be caught up in, well, a whole bunch of meaninglessness. We focus so much of our energy on crazes: diets, workouts, self-improvement techniques, the latest trends, the new technology, & things that only seem to make us more anxious. We are obsessed with perfection and comparison to the point where we complicate every area of our lives. We tarnish our own thoughts and self-destruct without even realizing

I have found myself longing for the simplicity of childhood. For a moment, allow yourself to think about the nature of children: Naive. Whimsical. Ignorant. Creative. Full of wonder. Kids can be perfectly content with nothing but their imaginations.

When do we lose this sense of simplicity?

Along with growth, there is a natural build-up of “things” of all types: physical, emotional, and metaphorical. We collect items, people, experiences, and thoughts without cleansing. We hold onto what no longer serves us. We become hoarders in our own bodies. Life is not supposed to be simple; but when we add chaos to already-existing chaos, we are left with crowded minds and cloudy hearts. When there are so many things to tend and worry about, we are hardly able free our own souls. We all know well the feeling of our minds running faster than our bodies can keep up with. What if we can make steps towards avoiding that feeling?

So, this leads me to my point that we do not need to complicate our lives more than they already are. We can simplify, detox, and leave space to focus on what actually matters.

My intention that I am going to focus on is just this: simplifying. Keep reading and I will explain.

I have found that my own thoughts have gotten in the way of a lot for me: my personal confidence, my relationships, my abilities, etc. I realize that by simplifying my life, I am also able to simplify my mind and preserve my energy. In doing this, I would like to make the following happen:

Mission #1: To continue to create space for what nourishes my soul, including but not limited to: relationships with people that reciprocate the *same* energy I give to them, my love for words/writing/storytelling, yoga, self-growth. Simplifying my need for “more” when I have everything I need.

Mission #2: To learn that I am the only person that needs to validate any part of my life: what I am feeling, what I am doing with my life, and which direction I want to go to. Simplifying my need for approval.

Mission #3: Focusing on being in the moment. Right here, in the now. Being with myself and the company I am with. Not focusing on what is on my screen, inside my head, our outside of the door. Simplifying each moment.

Mission #4: To recognize what I can and cannot do before becoming mentally and/or physically exhausted. Learning to say no. Simplifying my actions.

Through this process I hope to learn the meaning of balance. In order to find this balance, however, we must take away the clutter: the perfection, the comparison, the meaninglessness.

Simplifying: focusing on things / people / activities / knowledge that feeds my soul, not focusing on things / people / activities / knowledge that does not. Learning balance. Breathing slowly. Taking things one day, one step, one moment at a time.

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