I never grow weary of pondering existence. Human life is my constant source of inspiration, especially when I am seeking understanding or answers about why things happen, or why people do what they do. There is a lot that I do not know to be certain about, but that is why I write. When life stirs us up, we tend to lose sight of the ground we were once standing on. There are very few words that anyone could say to express the fragility of human life as a whole and each human life individually. What I can say about this topic, is that no matter our similarities, none of us can be replicated. We are each on this earth for purposes both big and small that we seek to discover each day. Nevertheless, it is perfectly okay to not know why our existence matters. We spend so much time trying to piece together why we are here versus just actually BEING here, present. When the whirlwinds of the world toss us around, we sometimes just need something to hold onto. Hopefully my words can give you that.

You, reading this, are a unique gift. Your intricacies from the patterns of your fingertips to the shape of your footprint are completely individual. Your exact energy that you exude into the world cannot he mimicked. Not one person can match your exact voice, the words you say, or your body language. You are exceptional. Be sure to not confuse your individuality for loneliness. While each of us should be reminded of the beating of our own hearts, we are all beating together.

No matter what your brain or other people may tell you, you belong here, grounded in the soils under your feet. Everything in life, from emotions to moments, is fleeting. What you feel today, you may not feel tomorrow. In our ever-changing world, impermanence is all that we know to be certain. The sun reminds us of this fact with its constant rise and set. Stand outside in the rays of the sun. Feel the warmth on your skin. I guarantee you that somehow, the light looks different every single time we see it. ☀️


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