The Light in Laughter 

They always say that laughter is the best medicine. Thinking about this, I recognize that sometimes the world gets dark, really dark. Things happen in our lives that we have no control over: things that press on our hearts until it hurts for them to beat. But one thing we do have control over is our ability to experience joy: our ability to “laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that death will tremble to take us” (one of my favorite lines from Charles Bukowski). Laughter is one of the good things in this life. When we laugh, we can escape the bad things and revel in the good. We can bond with each other, and appreciate our own body for allowing us to feel happiness. Laughter is a weird concept when we think about it, but it is actually very good for you. It has countless benefits that are beneficial for your physical and mental self. 

I was in the mood to write today, and as I was scrolling through my pictures today trying to think of a generic photo of nature or photo of me to post along with it, I noticed how many pictures I had where I was laughing. Real, genuine laughter, the kind where your eyes grow squinty and your stomach cramps up. I have always had a booming laughter (definitely matches my loud voice) that people like to call “my cackle.” It’s actually quite obnoxious, yet people still tell me they miss it when they’re not with me (awww). 

 I know that I have a few different “personalities” almost. Most of my blog is pretty serious storytelling, but anyone who is close to me knows how wacky I can be. And you know why? It’s because I recognize that life is freakin hard, but we shouldn’t take things so seriously all of the time. Humor is an incredible way to not become jaded… it brings zest into the every day. It’s good to let yourself go 🙂 

I am a generally happy person. While not everyone is happy every waking moment (not even me!), everyone laughs. It is our body’s natural reaction to joy; and we should always appreciate that. It is important to remind ourselves that there will always be laughter. Yesterday was World Suicide a Prevention Day, a day that is always tough for me as I think about my mom. But one thing that sticks so strongly in my faint memory of her is her laughter: it filled a room with warmth and life. It had volume and a bit of a zing to it, just like her ❤️. 

When talking about mental health, I always share my personal words of wisdom on social media and with others: my own mantras that continue to give me perspective. 
We know some things for certain. We know: 

1. The sun will rise and fall each day, no matter what. 

2. We will always be grounded. No matter how anxious we are feeling, there are soils beneath us that will support us if we let them. You are here on this Earth touching the it’s grounds with each step. You are supported and loved. Sometimes we forget this. 

But another thing I want to add is this: 

3. You will laugh again, and again, and again. Even if you try to fight it.  

True, genuine laughter comes from the soul. Think about the times in a place (like class or a serious meeting) and you were laughing about something  and couldn’t even contain it. Others may stare, a teacher may yell at you. But that’s the thing – it is natural and we cannot control it. We may fear most things that are out of our control, but this is our body’s kind way of reminding us that we all deserve to lose ourselves once in awhile. All of my favorite moments in life usually involve a happiness so strong that I combust in the form of a cheesy smile or intense laughter. It is almost as if we have euphoria so strong on our bodies that we want to show others how we are feeling, so we express it. It’s so freakin beautiful that our bodies react in that way. 

I want everyone to remember that it is so important to laugh. The weight of the world can be so much, so let’s let our laughter lift us up ❤️. 

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