a poem for my favorite guy on father’s day 


the man who has paved the path 

for me to stride through 

without stepping on glass,

is my papa. 

i’m sitting with you now, 

and reminded of how similar we can be. 

we both have a glow from the sunshine

a calm demeanor,

squinted eyes, 

furrowed eyebrows,

and a thin-lined smile.

isn’t it funny how i act just like you?
bed time were the two words i hated most

darkness loved to invite my anxiety 

without my consent. 

scaries swarmed my little head 

i’ve always been a worry bug 

but when you would lay with me  

even for everlasting hours,

i was not scared anymore. 
there is nothing like coming home

wherever it has been for us

and hearing your voice, 

“hi sweetie-pie.” 

i could be on the other side of the world,


yet i would never miss a place,

i would only miss my papa. 
i don’t know if you realize 

but to me, you are superman.

a superman that loves 

half-sour pickles,

chilled patrón, 

online poker, 

and a good playlist.

oh, and you always makes sure

that sports radio is on 

every time the car goes into park. 

if i could draw a picture of you and i  

i would be looking up at you

in sheer admiration.   

and you would be standing above me

with a translucent shield. 

you would never put me in a bubble,

because bubbles can pop. 

but instead, a solid translucent shield.

so i could still see the world,

all of it, 

but i would still feel safe.
you are the calm half of me, 

the gentle voice of reason,

the generosity,

the dedication. 

the laughter that erupts

right from the belly. 
you are also:

the reason my second toe is 

the same height as my big toe,

the one that meets me in the kitchen

around 10 pm,

for a little crunchy snack. 

you are my love for music,

and the way it can drown out the world

when we want it to. 
you have been the PB&J packer 

the ponytail putter-upper

since the days i sat 

with pretzel sticks in my lap 

my laughter bursting through the backseat 

as you would make silly noises 

while the windshield wipers washed away the rain.

sometimes i will catch you napping

with your hands peacefully folded 

over your stomach. 

and i will wonder, 

in the midst of hearing you snore,

how one man 

one really awesome man,

could be so simple,

yet so complex at the same time.
your strength has been 

the guiding beam of light

in the cave, 

the moving hands on the clock,

when our hearts have stopped,

and the “always” arms: 

always there to reach for,

always to hold me tight,

always to show me,

how big the world is,

and how small my worries should be. 
there are so many songs

that remind me of you. 

so many melodies,

that sing your name 

without actually saying it. 

although i’m crafty with words,

there will never be enough

to explain the world you have given me.

i love you papa,

happy daddy day 🙂 

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