on wanting to have it all figured out…

i have had a lot of energy in my mind recently, so i feel so blessed to always have my blog as my “cognitive outlet” or something like that. i love that i’m able to really share the journeys of my thoughts with everyone. i have been having extensive thoughts about where i envision myself when i graduate. i’ve actually tired myself out from my brain running in circles trying to pinpoint exactly where my skill sets and interests will lend themselves. what i always come back to is this idea of feeling fulfilled and where i can be taken away from the notion that work has to be mundane and miserable. well, i don’t know what the future will hold, or where my life’s ladder leads, but i do know this. i don’t have to be “stuck” in one place. and neither do any of you. i have always told myself that, no matter what, i will continue to write, regardless of if it is in my career path or not. why? because it makes me happy and it gives me purpose. also, who came up with the idea that we absolutely must make a profession from our passions? i don’t know if that’s … 

a) realistic for everyone. (i am usually pretty optimistic about these things but if your passion is, for example, eating pickles, i’m not sure if you can exactly support yourself from that — although that would be freakin amazing)

b) something that everyone should act on. (some people happen to really enjoy keeping their passions separate from their work, and that’s totally valid too)

if we put so much pressure on ourselves to find our ONE TRUE CALLING then we are probably spending a lot of minutes in our day not being present, which also isn’t good. 
however, do not be comfortable with settling. work hard. experience different things. learn from each other. there is a lot of movement and change in the world and it exists all around us. change is like an ongoing train: we can sit there and watch everyone else as it moves beyond our eyes, leaving us still on the side of the tracks, or we can jump on it and enjoy where it takes us. who says we must stay stagnant? maybe this is just me personally, but i’m not sure if there is a real “dream career” for me (or maybe there is, who knows?) change actually excites me. maybe this is because i have had to adapt to so much change in my childhood, but i really find it refreshing as long as it’s not an overwhelming amount of change. as a kid, i never stuck with the same sport, or played the same games over and over without boredom. of course, with that, comes a wave of anxiety. just like everyone, i tend to find a nice comfortable seat on the couch of routine. i constantly remind myself how, when you peel away the uncertainty, our fears will dissipate. we become accustomed, we adapt, and we grow. but  there is also so much thrill that exists in the unknown.
so i am trying my best to not grip the wheel so tight and let the small details work out. i hope a lot of you will relate to this post because it’s so important. as oprah says on her podcast, “i believe that one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself is time.” 

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