There are just some things 

That have no explanation. 

There are just some things 

That fly off the handle, 

Even when we clutch them close. 

But our hands get tired,

And our limbs tingle,

Sensation evaporating  


And then our minds go blank, 

Breath snatched from our stomach, 

Before we can even preserve our words. 




I woke up this morning eternally grateful. It has been my focus recently to try and focus on the small things like my ability to breathe, to move, to love… because when it comes down to it that’s all we really have: ourselves and each other. Despite being exhausted in the wake of this autumn Monday, I forced my tired limbs to go yoga because I wanted to focus on my new mindset of gratitude. After class I got in my car and drove home, and then decided to check my phone and what do I see? The horrific news about the mass shooting in Vegas. 

People. Lots of them. People from all over this freakin earth, going to enjoy music and each other. People who never thought they would be frantically running for their lives. 

Frankly, I’m unable to make sense of any of this. I am an optimist, a person who sees light in each day. I am also an inquisitive person, constantly trying to reason, to come up with explanations for why things happen and why people do what they do. But then something like this happens, an act that leaves the world in utter devastation and shock. An act that even me, the person who writes about anything and everything, cannot even come up with the words to soothe my own soul. An act that a person, good or bad, caused with their own two hands, two eyes, and a heart. 

That’s all I got. Sending love love love and more love to all those affected by this absolute tragedy ❤ 

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