Golden Light Thoughts 

I was standing in the heat waiting for a train yesterday, and saw that there was a delay due to police activity. This naturally made me a little unsettled. 45 minutes later, a crowd of people had joined me on the platform as we all waited, as we all tapped our toes, wiped sweat from out foreheads, and (the girls) slowly started to pile their hair on the top of their head. It was a summer evening in June, a Thursday, nothing was really out of the ordinary for most. But for some, it was. 

I found out later that the reason the trains were delayed was due to a person getting hit on the tracks. There could be a million explanations for this horrible situation, but somehow I could only think that this person decided to take their own life. An assumption, yes, but likely, also yes. No matter how it happened, it still struck me just the same. On this summer evening, where the sun has stayed a lingering dispersement of gold through the clouds, I thought about this person. I thought about how this person’s life, who I don’t even know, is affecting me now at this very moment. I know nothing about this person other than the fact that I am just feeling so unsettled about their unfortunate passing. I found this to be chilling. I am shaken to my core, and I don’t even know what this person’s name is. I feel blessed and guilty all at the same time. Most people around me seem to have no idea about this, or if they do they are keeping quiet about it. I am wondering if others are still thinking about this just as I am. And to think that this person’s family has just had their world turn upside down as I’m worrying about when I am going to eat dinner.

This led me to think (and although I don’t know for certain that it was a suicide, that is the cause of many of the deaths that occur on a train track): if only those that took their own lives were able to push past that darkness for a moment and see the small light, the golden dispersement of light, that is the gravity of how many people would care. The fact of the matter is, and as I grow older I realize this, is that life is the most precious and difficult game that we are thrown into. Yet we can be so quickly taken out. It is the most frightening factor of living. 

So this is your daily reminder to live. To be kind. To be compassionate and empathetic. 

May they be at peace. ❤

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