If you know me, you know that I am very self-aware: physically and emotionally. The other day I was feeling really off and I wasn’t sure why. Usually I can identify what isn’t right, but I was thinking about this for awhile and I knew it wasn’t just my anxiety. Everything was going well for me and I felt healthy and happy, but then after being around people all day I felt drained. I almost felt like I had lost myself for the day and couldn’t figure out why.

I’ve learned in countless places that we are who others make of us. We create ourselves through socialization: we are nothing without communicating with other people. If you think about it, this is really powerful realization that the self is made up entirely of other people. Through socialization, through the back and forth of making meaning, we become who we are. Without it, we are simply a mass of biological components (a beautiful one, that is). We are water, we are genetics, we are organs (can you tell I’m not a science major?) ; but we have no meaning until we make it through the help of other people. We grow into our own soul and others influence us to do so. It took me awhile to realize and understand this notion that the self is not only comprised of who we are biologically, but who we become and how others define us. And even by writing this out, I am still piecing together what I am finding to be factual about this topic. Now, I do believe we are born with innate qualities, but perhaps these qualities came from our precedents in our past lives… Did you know how to be empathetic as a baby? Did we know how to love until we met someone to help us learn? No, and this is because we grow into our souls: we grow into what makes us who we are by communication of all forms with those around us.

We are a product of everything around us. We are made up of who we surround ourselves with.

This is why we are not meant to be alone. This is why we find people who complete us.

Now back to why I was feeling off the other day. I have realized something about myself: I feed off of other peoples’ energies more than most. Because I am very in tune with myself and how I feel, I am also the same way about other people (because I believe that when I meet people, a little piece of their soul resonates with me and I carry it) — crazy right? I have always wondered why I care about people so much, why I am beyond empathetic (I literally cannot even pass a car crash without thinking about it for hours later). But I have discovered that I am a product of nature. I am what surrounds me, and I think you all are too. So pick who is prominent in your life carefully. Choose people that radiate positivity. Choose people that encourage you to think about the world and existence. Choose people that make you love yourself.

Have you ever wondered who you truly are? Think about what makes you, you. Look around you. Human nature is not comprised of individualism and solitude, no matter how hard we try. We are not meant to be alone, and that is why we are not. There are billions of people on this earth, and you probably have a little piece of a handful of them engrained in your soul, where some pieces are bigger than others. Even those that feel like they have no one: look within yourself. We are created to be influenced by all factors of nature. That is why we will always carry with us those who have passed on, and that is why we, ourselves, will live within the souls of our descendants, because life is an ever-changing and ongoing cycle of energies.

There is my two cents for the day. xoxo


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  1. very wise comment, it’s as if we pick up energy from those we meet with, the books we read, the music we listen to, role models, thanks for the post, it made me think. amen


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