What We Carry

It is wild how each person walks this earth with different paths, different experiences, different lessons all in their peripheral. Imagine if all of us showed our experiences through the path that we traveled, as if our distant pasts are physically following us so others can see. When you first meet someone you have no idea who they are, you only know what they are bringing to you at that moment: their smile, the color of their eyes, and the way that they speak and interact with you. But what if each person brought with them everything that has ever happened to them, everything that has shaped them into who they are? What if every time we met someone new, we saw everything that they carry?
We carry everything in the smallest parts of us, but they become the larger things. We carry memories in songs that play on the radio, or scents that waft past us. We carry feelings in the way that our hands jitter or our lips purse. Each movement, each thought has a purpose for us. Each of us react in different ways. Some of us cannot make eye contact, some of us have a hard time with human touch. But what if we really knew the reasoning why we are the way we are? What if everyone was just out there: everyone had it out on the line? I’m picturing it like each person walking around with a word bubble stemming from their backs saying all that makes them who they are: the good and the bad.

We call a lot of the things we carry “baggage” … but I don’t really like that because it tends to have a negative connotation to it. We are all complex in our own way because we are each created differently, not only through our DNA but how we continually evolve and live our own lives. Isn’t it crazy how we are all living the same life right now, all of us reading this, but yet, at the same time it is such an individual experience? Each human is so beautifully different, from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet. Each human has trekked through different life obstacles, lived through different monumental moments. Each human has touched different mountains, held different hands, gripped different pens to compile their own life stories.

Most people aren’t really like me… an open book. But not only am I an open book, I am pretty self-aware. I notice when something is off, I notice when I need to communicate what I’m feeling, I notice when my brain needs a rest. Along with this, I do a lot of self-analyzing: what has caused me to be the way I am? That is something I have learned from my struggles with anxiety. I’m sure it is partially genetics, but it is also situational. I know what makes ME panicky, so I know how to better take care of myself and cope. I really have no trouble disclosing what I have experienced in my life because I believe it is so essential to understanding who I am in my entirety… which is the same for everyone. Obviously not everyone is going to be so open to sharing their personal aspects of who they are and what they have been through, but I think it’s worth a try so we can really understand each other on a deeper level. I think part of the reason that people lack genuine human connections is because they’re not only dishonest with others, but they’re dishonest with themselves. I’m not saying we need to walk around saying everything that is uncomfortable to talk about, but these are the real, raw conversations we need to be having. Maybe this is the solution to the escalating divorce rate, or the ridiculous media that has the power to brainwash and mold the developing brains of young people. Create the motivation to do some soul-searching… be self-aware. What is in your bubble of experience? What is tarnishing your vision? What is the bump in your road? First, be real with yourself. Then, be real with the world around you.

Something that 2016 has taught me is that life is too short to be surrounded by insincerity. No one has time for that. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable, to be honest, to be RAW. Think of this as traveling to a beach… you always find grains of sand on your body even when you try so hard to brush it all off. Everything we do, everyone we meet, it all resonates with us and shapes our being. We should not be afraid of what we carry  🙂


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