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I feel lucky to be able to write this blog because this post is all about my major: a pathway I have decided to take because I am passionate about the content I learn in my classes. I am a communications major (hopefully going to be declaring as interpersonal communications) and it has been one of the best journeys I have explored in college thus far. But one thing that really irks me to my core is when people comment on how communications majors are easy, irrelevant, broad, stupid, pointless, the list goes on. I am not “settling” for my communications degree, and communications is not “a joke” of a major. I am learning about people. Aren’t you one?

Well, let me tell you, I may cry at the sight of a tricky math problem, and I may faint if I watch a surgery, but that does not mean I am lesser than any of my fellow peers around me. I may not watch hours go by in a lab room, but that not equate to me being less intelligent. My brain works in different ways than engineering majors, or biology majors, or even music majors. Each of us has different passions, different goals, different skill-sets, and different ways of learning and digesting information. I believe this post is not only relevant to communication majors, but to all of you. I think it is important that we all try to walk in each other’s shoes sometimes, and if nothing else, this post can give you some insight if you know nothing about communications.

The beauty of college is that you can literally do whatever you want. I could take a course about African history, about organic chemistry, or even embarrass myself in a theater class (… which I have done already– still got an A). It is a beautiful thing that although we are all in this separate world of our university, we are in our own bubbles because of what we decide to study. I will never understand quantum mechanics, but I can tell you why you are reacting a certain way regarding a relationship. And maybe someone who is a chemistry major may not be able to speak in front of 50 people, but they can do whatever chemistry majors do (which I have no idea about in all honesty).

Yet, communication is a field that pertains to everyone. You do not have to be interested by it, but I honestly think everyone should have to take some sort of communication course. There has not been one class from any of my required COMM courses so far that has been a waste of my time. Maybe I am just being a nerd, but the classes in the communication department have allowed me to reflect on myself and the world around me, and also to enrich my own life, my own writing, and my own relationships. On top of that, everything is so applicable. You know those classes you used to take in high school where you questioned every day how it was even relevant to your life? I have never had that feeling with courses in my major.

Being a communication major, to me, was an easy choice. First and foremost, my mom was a communications major, so in all honesty, when I was looking through my major choices, I knew I wanted to do something related because of how special she is to me. But then it became simple for me: I love people, writing, story-telling, self-reflection, and learning about why we act the way we do. Communications is the perfect recipe of psychology, media, sociology, english, public speaking, public relations, and more. Originally, I was so petrified to be in a major that is so broad with so much going on, but it is much more specific than you think. Communications majors take the broad subjects and are able to break them down and apply them to everyday life. We view the world from a large scale, and then we take a magnifying glass and specify further. And to be quite honest, there is no atmosphere like that in a communications class. The content can be extremely moving. It may even be uncomfortable at times for some, because you learn about why you are you. In fact, I cried multiple times in my first class (I am also an emotional mess most of the time- LOL). And the best part, the professors are the same way as us: emotionally intelligent, quirky, deep thinkers.

The most important part about communication majors is that we really care. We care to share stories: be it ours or someone else’s. We care about words, about feelings, about each individual and why they are the way they are. We will pay close attention to our relationships, and we will most-likely over-analyze everything, but that is an awesome part of who we are. We are over-thinkers, we are loud-mouths, and we will tell you endlessly how we feel, but we are empathetic and quirky and passionate and creative. And each idea leads us to another. In fact, I was studying for a COMM exam and then I thought to write this blog…

So, please, I encourage whoever is reading to not judge: not only communication majors, but everyone! Take a step out of your own bubble and try something out of your comfort zone. If you have your head in the books all the time, and your brain is constantly surrounded by numbers and equations, I encourage you to enroll yourself in a communications course. I promise you won’t regret it 🙂


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