an update

As seen in my lack of blog posts, I have really been struggling to come up with inspiration for topics to explore in my writing. I think in a way I am afraid that what I have to say will no longer be interesting to people (disclaimer I did originally start this blog for myself, but I have grown to love the feedback that comes with sharing it with others), or that I will start repeating myself, or that I will no longer be able to process my thoughts and pour meaning out from them via writing. Not to mention I just do not even know what to write about when I feel like I have already written about major parts in my life so many times. Sometimes I even feel that I have lost the chunk of my creative side that is able to manufacture the ideas that I turn into my blog posts. But I have not lost my fire or my zest for storytelling, for teaching lessons I’ve learned along the way, for being silly, for being emotional and vulnerable. So bear with me as I dip my fingers back into my own little bubble of writing ideas on my hands and loud clicking keyboards and scribbled notes on Post-It’s and random thoughts and curiosity and making sense of the world. I have a few ideas, so stay tuned 🙂 xoxo


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