Happy Birthday America

I am free. I am happy. I am healthy. I am proud.

I am proud of myself, my family, my friends, my peers, and my country, but today more than ever, I am proud to be an American.

We have been through so much as a country: individually and at large. That is the beautiful thing about America: we embrace it all. And in a world with so much hatred and so much despair, with so much conflict and controversy, war and wickedness, we strive each day to be the best nation. Today, I reflect and ruminate on the fact that my blood is American and that means to be alive, to be free.

Freedom. What is it? To me, it is standing in the middle of a rainstorm in the summertime with bare feet on the concrete, it is floating in a calm ocean and letting each strand of hair spread across the surface of the water, it is putting my voice into words, be it in person or on paper, even though it may not be what others agree with, it is following whichever spiritual path I choose to roam, or even creating a path of my own, it is the sound of blaring music mixed with the breeze, it is the chills that roll from my toes to the top of my head when I see men in uniform, or the tears that collect in my eyes when this country comes together and celebrates its existence.

Happy Birthday America. Thank you for being my home and thank you for allowing all of what it means to be truly free. I wish for this year as an American to be peaceful, prosperous, and, like every day in this country, beautiful.


One thought on “Happy Birthday America

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  1. So great to hear positive happy comments about life and our country!!
    Your thoughts put a smile on my heart😘
    JB ssdc


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