Our Dear Alpha Xi Delta…

It’s been a long time since my last blog post… and I realize that is only because I have been caught up with what I have wanted to blog about: Alpha Xi Delta. I have always wanted to do greek life since I was small because both of my parents were in it and I realized how much it changed their college experience. For those that do not know, my mom passed away when I was only 7 years old, so although I only got to experience 7 amazing years of life with her, I feel her presence with me every day. I like to do things that my mom did, partially to feel closer to her, and partially to emulate and be the best parts of her, what everyone loved about her: bubbly, courageous, fun-loving, passionate, and empathic. I blogged about this idea before: how I used to get annoyed when people would say I am just like her or when I would do things that reminded people of her, but then I realized that is the biggest compliment. I really did end up going through recruitment because I wanted to have some of the same amazing experiences as my mom did; and I really feel as though if she were here she would advise me to choose AXiD.

One of my new sisters, who is also now a member of my sorority (and real life) family, told our pledge class that she joined a sorority to surround herself with strong and supportive women. I completely agree. I have grown up around incredible ladies: my mom, my step-mom, my step sisters, my grandmothers, my aunts, my mom’s best friends, my teachers, my friends, my friend’s moms, etc. All of these women have shaped me to be who I am today… so needless to say I never underestimate the power of a group of women. I watched as my step sisters college experience changed for the better once they got their bids: they turned big schools into their homes. I have grown up with my mom’s sorority sisters, who are now mother figures in my life. In our world today, there are such horrible stereotypes surrounding greek life which makes me so frustrated. Greek life alone at UD has created a home for so many students, has raised millions for pediatric cancer and each of their respective charities, and leaves students with lifelong families. Within these few remarkable weeks that I have been a member of Alpha Xi Delta, I can already tell what an incredible organization I am privileged enough to be apart of, and I have not even been initiated yet. During preference round I was bawling my eyes out of happiness and I felt like such an idiot, but it helped me realize that I found my home (and special shout out to my fam… Maggie, Jamie, Niki, Sabrina, and Tori, you crazy beauties make life worth living). Each of these beautiful- and I mean that word in every sense- women I have met has such an art about them: their smiles stretch to the sunshine and their hearts are literally larger than life. But the best part is: we each bring something unique and lovely to the table, which is what makes the whole larger than its parts.

So, to my fabulous sisters:

I am enamored of each and every one of you and have been literally since I stepped through the doors during recruitment (and met my bomb pledge class). I never thought I would feel so at home, so welcomed, so loved, and so appreciated by such stellar ladies. There has never been a group of girls who loves pizza and dancing as much as I do. In these few short weeks I have laughed so much I almost peed my pants (probably did tbh), cried from feeling your sorrows, sang so loud that I lost my breath, and jammed out so hard that I had to put my hair up from sweating so much. I cannot wait to do it all so much more for the next 3 years and beyond.

Love you all. TFJ (even though I have no idea what this means yet)  XOXI ❤ !!!

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