Think, reflect, feel, believe

I read through some of my old angsty high school creative writing pieces and came across a few poems that I wrote that still gave me chills. I’m going to share a few of these pieces with you in hopes that whoever is reading this will actually read something and think. The world doesn’t do enough of that now: pausing, reading, reflecting, believing. We should all read every once in awhile, even if it is just a short poem. Keep our brains activated. Give ourselves something to feel. So all I ask is that you read them and actually think.  It should not always be about technology doing the thinking for us, we need to remind our brains why they are there in the first place. We should do the thinking and believing and feeling for ourselves. Enjoy.


Naked Hands

Why do we look at guns with fear?

For I cannot say;

Because it is people who kill people.

Fingers pulling triggers,

Triggers do not shoot alone.

The bullet blazes,

Pulled by a finger.

It is anger that uglies the human,

Not anger that uglies the gun.

Do I see your eyes glassed with fear

When the killer walks by with an invisible gun?

No, for he was holding none.

It is the power of the killer that kills,

Not the power of the gun.

So when you see a naked hand,

Do you scream and cry for help?

For the empty hands can do the work,

But an empty gun cannot.


Puzzle Piece Freedom

Pretzel style, his eyes realize,

The TV doesn’t lie.

Violence is never the answer.


The room has dark depth,

TV glowing alone,

Violence is never the answer.


Puzzle piece freedom: all he wants

If Daddy can fight, why can’t he?

Violence is never the answer.


Missiles can fix issues,

But a punch cannot.

Violence is never the answer.



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