… with the blink of an eye

It was somewhere in between the moment I broke my spoon from going too hard while eating ice cream and the moment I thought I would be blind for the rest of my life from getting face wash in my eyeball that I realized my first semester is indeed over. The excessive 2 AM Jimmy Johns or Dominos will have to be put on pause for the next few weeks as I depart from my new home. And I’m not ready.

I have dreamed of college since my freshman year of high school and although didn’t have a clear picture of where I would end up, I envisioned a bustier, prettier, and more independent version of myself laughing in the stands of a football stadium (freshman fifteen NOT pictured) flirting with cute frat guys and bragging about my 4.0. Well it was far from that… but I wouldn’t change a thing..

I didn’t know I would be spending my college experience here in Newark, Delaware, home to day-drinking and a middle aged man chastising college students to pay their sin debts so they don’t rot in hell (KBJ: love you bro). Let’s just say attending Delaware football games is not quite a favorite pastime of my fellow fightin’ blue hens, but we still have spirit I promise (it just may or may not be shown in the forms of underage consumption of alcohol on Saturday afternoon in broad daylight). I couldn’t be more grateful that it all happened here. Thank you, Delaware, for putting the greatest souls in my arms… even the ones with personalities and language I will never understand (yes I mean you, Long Islanders). I am in awe of all the incredible people I have grown to meet and the crazy adventures I have been a part of. It is honestly the strangest concept to be able to be pushed full force into a world of strangers and be expected to thrive– it is frightening and uncomfortable. But all of the people I have grown to love and cherish made me see Delaware as nothing less than home. Thank you for accepting me, the crazy blog girl, and my anxiety attacks, ugly snapchats, cackle-laughter, and loud voice. And to my floor and especially my amazing roommate: extra thank you for not judging me based off of my strange pjs, late night crises, and *lit* dance moves . I love you all.

College is not all roses. I learned that the world doesn’t stop spinning when you’re sick, and that your professors are not always going to care if you can’t get out of bed in the morning because of it. I learned that college classes sometimes make you feel like you’re on a treadmill for hours upon end and sometimes, you just have to learn your limits the hard way. I learned no one really has it all together even though they may seem like it.  I learned that I cannot cure the world with only my two hands, and that no matter how hard you try, closed hearts cannot be opened by other people. I also learned the names and faces of my favorite employees at Dunkin Donuts. We are totally on that level.

I have learned that college is the only time where it is perfectly acceptable to take multiple naps in one day. I have learned that there are good people in this world: people who will bend over backwards for the well-being of another. I have learned that the most exciting thing in college is receiving mail… even if it is just a cute little letter from your familia. I have learned that fresh bagels and iced coffee taste so much better as a mature college student– ha. I have learned that yoUR BODY WILL HATE YOU if you do not sleep.. so keep ya sleep, children.

It is way too difficult to compress 4 months into a blog post, but I have loved every second… even when I feel my insides rotting away from the excessive amounts of sodium in dining hall cuisine. It is way too easy for time to slip between our fingertips, so if any seniors in high school are reading this: seize every waking moment of your first semester freshman year. I will miss the twin size beds, showering with shoes on, and even the perpetual cough and cold that I have had since I stepped on campus…

but, the Dirty Del is my home, and I cannot wait for my return in 7 weeks 🙂12002792_10203245683221939_3018222071131547160_n

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