Healing Hands

This blog post is a token of gratitude for those with the healing hands: those who are patient, selfless, kind, empathetic, and will do anything just to heal one another. I am absolutely talking about nurses, doctors, firefighters, policemen, armed forces, therapists, teachers, and EMTs. I am also talking about mothers, fathers, friends, babysitters, camp counselors, coaches. I am talking about those that have done something to impact the life of another in a way that no one else could have done in that instance.

I have needed the aid of so many healing hands throughout my life… we all have. They have mended my heart, cleaned my cuts, and tickled my back as I fell asleep. They have cured me of sickness or wiped my tears; they have scribbled me birthday cards. But they are not always physical. I have also had healing hands that have reached out to me through a book, a song, or a screen. And they are important.

Thank you, healing hands.

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