Type of Person

I don’t know why we insist on creating complicated facades for ourselves. We have
set precedents for each other to ignite this spark in our minds, hearts, and souls that we must form who we want to be. That it is all up to us. Most of us sit here and think: how the hell am I supposed to know who I want to be? How are we supposed to configure and conform ourselves to be so incredibly complex when it is our natural inclination to be simple creatures of love. Think of yourself and the population as pieces of Play-Doh: easily mended and formed by what touches it. We are all interconnected and what I have grown to learn is that we shape each other. We do not shape ourselves. It has been hard for me to grasp this concept: that I cannot necessarily control how I am or who I am. We absolutely have choices to make: should we be kind? Should we be jealous? Should we be broken? But these choices are not owned by us, they are owned by what and who is around us. The aspects of our lives are what create our insides: our minds, our souls, our hearts. We are all individuals, yes. We are all our own person, yes. But is there a such thing as being completely unique? No.

So the ultimate question-who do I want to be-is just a bunch of bologna (side note I am still not over life’s biggest mystery which is how bologna is pronounced bal-o-nee, like whaaat). Why don’t we just let life do the shaping for us? If you are going to strive to be a specific type of person: make it simple. Be love. Be the type of person that lets your love flow where the good things are, and even the bad things. Love all who break, love all who are broken. Stop burning energy and wasting time to fight the natural way of human nature: just be who you are, whatever life has shaped you to be, and be love.



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