Loving Yourself

A life without loving ourselves is lonely and sad. In the wise words of Drake: “Know yourself know your worth” (we’ll cut it off there for PG purposes). We must recognize and care for each piece of ourselves, even if they our damaged hearts and bruised limbs. We are wholesomely unwhole and beautifully broken. Each of us carries something unique and something worth spreading, and that alone is a reason to love ourselves. We should love ourselves from our wiggling toes to our grumbling tummies, from our nimble fingers to our wired brains. We should love our fears, our gestures, our unpleasant laugh or horrific dance moves. Each soul carries its journey in the cracks of our hearts and the nature of our faces. Let this blog serve to remind you that it is okay to come undone sometimes, it is okay to be confident, it is okay to rejoice in laughter and it is okay to wallow in sadness. No matter where our lives take us each day, we should continue trekking on with the notion that we are allowed to love ourselves and this is our primal right as human beings. We cannot control every aspect of our journeys, but we can learn to adore everything about us that makes us who we are. In this incredibly complex life, let this part be simple. 10474609_10202634563464327_5198855459520318501_n

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