All Time Low

Well, I have hit rock bottom. Kidding. You probably thought this blog post would be about everyone’s middle school punk phase where skinny jeans and laceless converse were a thing (and we all listened to All Time Low). However, it is not. This blog is about the fact that I have eaten Qdoba alone way too many times this summer AND that the Dunkin Donuts guy now knows my “I neeeeeed caffeine face” and gives me a medium even when I pay for a small AND that I hysterically cried twice when my best friend who left for college today hugged me, AND that there is a huge tub of cookie dough sitting next to me right now (although we are enjoying each other’s presence very much) AND that it took me 30 minutes too long to pick out new underwear AND that I have been listening to way too much 50 Cent to identify as myself anymore. Since all of my friends are starting their ~college lives~ without me and I will be here for another week and a half, I am going to wallow in my self pity and continue to shove endless amounts of junk food into my mouth while attempting to get my cats to like me. I don’t have the patience for movies or television so, needless to say, the next few days will be very interesting as I find ways to entertain myself and try not to get to college with the “Pre-Freshman 15.” Wish me luck.

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