double trouble

They say that good things come in threes.. which I had a hard time believing until I met my future siblings. I was always an only child, always the center of attention and the number one priority. When I received not one, but three new step-siblings during 8th grade, my life changed drastically but nonetheless, it was for the better.

Jenna, Jolie and Jack created space in my heart that, unbeknownst to me, was missing yet imperative to my being. I never knew the magic of having three of your best friends under the same roof. I did not realize that a box of Poptarts could be gone within a matter of two days, or the joyous aromas that would greet me from sharing a bathroom with a dude. Despite the arguing, the lost leg room in the car, and the heightened volume of the house, the bond that I have created over these last few years with each of you has made me appreciate life that much more. I would not change a thing.

Jenna and Jolie: it is your 20th birthday. DAMN YOU’RE OLD! It is merely impossible to capture both of your essences into words, but the world deserves to know you even if it is just through my writing. I want to thank both of you for letting me into your lives whole-heartedly. Thank you for accepting me from the day when I had a gap between my two front teeth until now when, still, I can’t manage to stop my embarrassing dances or taking ultra-zoomed snapchats of you no matter how many times you ask me to stop. While I have only known you both since 6th grade, I feel as though I’ve been a part of your life forever. I have never looked up to anyone more than you two and I honestly cannot imagine where I would be without your support, love, guidance, and closets (hehe).

Gorgeous Jolie, thank you for teaching me what it means to work hard and be successful. To put your everything into each task you choose to conquer. To love and to feel. To be kind, to laugh, and that there is always time for a movie or reality TV show. Please don’t forget your worth and your beauty: inside and out. I don’t even have to tell you that you will shine in whatever you do but no matter what that is, I will be right here cheering for you. Anyone would be the luckiest person to have a Jolie and I’m so grateful that she’s my sister! We have become so close and I am so happy that you have been home this summer for lots of movie-watching, laughter, and beaching. I’m so happy to have you in my life and I’m so excited for you, your future, and to share it all with you. Have a drink, it’s your 20th 😉

Sensational Jenna, the beach bum buggy. I really only keep you around because it’s just another closet… hehe just kidding. There really is no one like you but somehow, we just get each other. Thank you for always being there for me and understanding me- sometimes better than myself. You make everyone around you love and adore you… I’m still trying to learn how you do it! You certainly have taught me the definition of work hard, play hard. You have spunk, charisma, and you light up a room more than anyone I know. I cannot tell you how much I will miss our summer sleepovers and gossip sessions on those cold college nights. Take your loving vibes and unbelievable passion wherever life takes you because sometimes, there’s nothing like a buggy huggie. I have no doubt that you will live it up and I can’t wait to be by your side for it all!

I have tears in my eyes writing this and I couldn’t be more proud of the independent and fabulous ladies you are. I love you both forever. Happy 20th J & J!

Always, baby sister Slaves

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