On writing a blog 

Writing a blog is a magical way of self-expression and discovery. It’s a powerful concept to be able to share your thoughts and experiences through the Internet; but I also think it may take away from some of the importance of writing. As much as I enjoy being able to share one of my biggest passions with the world, I have found that I just do not write for myself anymore. There are some things that must be written for myself and some things that just cannot be shared, and that is okay. But I have stopped writing those things for myself. I don’t believe that everything that happens to me must be translated into a piece of writing, but for me writing has always been to cope, to understand, to appreciate, and to love. I want to find that spark with writing for myself again. Traditional writing with a pen and paper. The journey that is starting my blog has brought me such joy and love and I want to keep writing, exploring, learning, and listening. But I must find a happy medium. I must find a way where I can share some and keep some. The blogs won’t stop and hopefully won’t for a long time, but I mustn’t forget to write for ME too 🙂 

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