Tell Ma We Made It

“Celebrate we will. For life is short but sweet for certain” – Dave Matthews Band

I always loved these lyrics. I just read through all the comments that my friends of my graduating class have left me and my heart is so full of love and nostalgia. For some, high school was not exactly the best days of their life. I don’t think they are for me either, or at least I don’t want them to be considering I have so much life ahead of me. I am enamored of the memories and the friendships that high school has given me and excited for what is to come. Despite the freshman moments, math class naps, late night study sessions, and convincing myself that I wouldn’t get into college, here I am. I am college-bound, stronger, more knowledgable, more passionate, and I have grown into my character. I think part of the reason people have a lot to say about high school is because you see a lot of life happen in those four years. I remember being scared to death as a timid freshman who, at any given moment, could turn a hallway corner and see an older student that has more facial hair than Zach Galifianakis. I can successfully say that now all of the anxiety, tears, and sweat has shaped me into the passionate person I am today. With graduation just a few days away, I am bittersweet and filled with emotions. High school has been a hell of a ride, but class of 2015, we made it.

To my graduating class of 2015, thank you for making it worth my while. Each and every one of you will always be carried in my heart. I hope life treats you all well and that you never forget where you came from 🙂

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