THINK before speaking

What angers me most is how insensitive we are in how we speak. I kept hearing people say or seeing people text “gonna kms” and I later learned that “kms” meant “kill myself”. Why do we feel the need to devalue others’ unfortunate, real, and raw thoughts? To say that in a joking matter, let alone create an abbreviation for it because it’s said so much, is disgusting. I know that many do not see the significance in how it affects people, but I cringe every single time. I’m frightened that so many young people use that so lightly. “Ugh I have no phone battery literally gonna kms”. I certainly hope that people realize the significance of these hurtful words while some people actually struggle with that thought. It’s unnecessary. Coming from someone who has seen people I love struggle with these thoughts, I doubt that anyone really appreciates it. Unfortunately I have been close with a few who have taken their own lives and I know certainly that their suicidal thoughts were nothing short of frightening and lonely. I know most of the people that misuse these sensitive words or phrases are not able to see how it may be offensive, or don’t care, but please try to put yourself in the shoes of another. See the world from their lens. Think before speaking. Be sensitive and kind. Thanks for reading 🙂

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