Stay Grateful, Friends

Long time no write! I just went to Disney with my class for our senior class trip and it was incredible (hence the lack of blogs). Magical, unbelievably tiring, and chicken nuggets would be Disney 2015 in a nutshell. I was so sad to come back and face a few more weeks of school but then I thought about it a little more. I am so grateful. Although school is a pain in the booty, I am happy that I was able to meet the people I’ve met, experienced what I have experienced, and learned to love what I love. I cannot believe it is ending. As I sit here and ramble in this blog post I just can’t help but reflect on how immensely grateful I am to be here today on this remarkable earth. I am thankful for everything: family, friends, education, my empathetic heart, my health, chocolate ice cream. It is so easy to complain and get trapped in the hollowed caves of pessimism and negativity. I hope to look at this blog if I’m ever feeling glum because right now, I am happy. I am thankful. I am a ball of love. Stay grateful, friends.

“She loved life and it loved her right back”

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