Monday Mania

Mondays are days for identity crisis. Today was one of those Mondays where I really thought I was someone else. I’m sitting in my car with the windows down because it is sooOOOooo beautiful (and my skin looks like I’ve been locked in a jail cell for 23 years) and I’m feelin’ good. My car was parked in the parking lot and I was early for an appointment so I decided to just hang out for awhile and enjoy some tunes. Windows down, full-blasted music. What better way to spend the Monday than to lay off some steam with some hardcore rap feels? So we got Lil Wayne: provocative, slightly disgusting, disrespectful, and confusing obscure metaphors- just the way I like it. I know every word, of course. I am not shy when it comes to a rap song I like (select few) even though half the time I kinda just murmur what I think sounds like he’s saying because half the time it’s not really English anyways. So, here we are JAMMIN out, stunna shades on, and I am FEELIN myself (of course taking a snapchat video to document my amazing-ness). Then, I turn my head to the left of my car to see a middle aged man unlocking his gray Nissan Altima in sheer shock and horror. So then I did that reallyyyyy uncomfortable smile thingy where I’m just kinda like “uhhhhh” and then I quickly flip the song to some Rascal Flatts and act like it never happened. Sir if you are reading this, I apologize for any scarring images I have engrained in your mind but jam seshs are important, especially on Mondays. Never forget that. FEEL IT. I hope I inspired him to get his groove on in his cute little Nissan. And we wonder why the older generation has lost faith in us…

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