Girl (and human) Power

It is honestly amazing how far women have come in the world. We are still, in some ways, viewed as inferior, but I don’t see any women that way. I have so many strong, powerful, courageous, and beautiful women in my life each day from my family, to my teachers, to my friends’ moms, to my family friends, to the women that I haven’t even met. We should be proud of ourselves for making our way in the world. I read a few Forbes articles the other day about some of the most influential/successful people in the world and A LOT were women under the age of 30. Um, hello girl power! I am proud to be a young woman in a society that stands up for women’s rights and is working to ameliorate the world we live in. I don’t care what gender, sexuality, race, or religion you are, all women AND MEN deserve to be respected, loved, complimented, and praised for hard work. We deserve equality in all circumstances. I always thought that being a feminist had negative connotations that came along with it because some people tend to frown upon the idea of ladies advocating for one another. Why? I have no clue. For so long women were content being in the shadows, and I am so happy that we are no longer doing that. We all have the power to do something extraordinary, so we should do just that. I always used to picture feminists as aggressive and uncanny in their ways, yet I was so wrong. I have learned this year that people who stand up for gender equality (not just feminism) are brave, completely logical and correct, and fabulous. So, thank you to anyone who has done something to make a difference in the right direction of gender equality. Power to the people!

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