What We Seek

At my tiny and adorable little yoga studio there is a white board that has been at the front of the classroom since around the beginning of January. In the center, there lies a Rumi quote: “What you seek is seeking you.” On this board, people write what they are seeking for the new year that lies ahead, be it fitness, love, chocolate cheesecake, etc. I think sometimes we believe that the world is against us. I believe in this statement wholeheartedly that what we are looking for is looking for us too. I trust that fate will play its course and what I want in this life will want me back if it is meant to benefit me and my future. However, I mean this in a deeper sense. Sure, I am totally seeking a burrito right now (and I’m about to go to a Mexican restaurant where I’ll hopefully be served a burrito ~YASSSS~) but that is not what I mean. I am talking about our inner drives: what we are born to do and who we are born to be. This life will gift us with talents, passions, and abilities, and this life wants us to cultivate them just as much as we do. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I have suffered with some anxiety that has become increasingly more prevalent in my everyday life. I believe that if I accept this and work to improve it, I will be granted with inner peace. I’m not saying my anxiety will cease to exist, but I believe that the peace I am seeking is seeking me. I hope what you all are looking for (if you wanna be a princess, like me, that may not be what is seeking you too, sorry) is looking for you too. Peace and love to all ❤

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